Art experiments…

All experimental artwork, random drawings, and various self-imposed exercises. The seeds of several larger projects will be cultivated on this page.

In the past, from time to time, I’d mess around with ink blot tests just to experiment creatively. I always liked the results I got, but wouldn’t do much with them in terms of developing them further. I started to experiment with them again just to get the creative juices flowing (for other art projects), and I think I kinda went somewhere else this time. Here are a few samples. Some will stay as they are, others continue to be works in progress.

The last two images I plan to work on some more. I’ll be adding a few extra collage elements to enhance things a bit. I’ll post the final results on the Vergence Gallery page.

All artwork and content, unless otherwise specified, is copyright 2022, Tonyefa Oyake.

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