Welcome one and all to the Bauxmobile website. This is the official hub for the artwork of your’s truly, Tonyefa Oyake. Several ongoing projects will be featured here frequently in the form of drawings, sketches experimental artwork, a gallery of completed work, comic art and illustration. There’s still a lot for me to do when it comes to building this site, so you can expect to see lots of changes along the way. For now, the doors are open and you can browse around freely as I continue to work on updates.

Perspective drawing, graphite, water color, gouache & collage elements.
Somewhere in the desert…
A friendly cat I encountered on Halloween night.
A few things from my rough drawings and sketches as I work on a bunch of ongoing projects.
Gesture drawings.
Gesture Drawings.
A rough perspective drawing.
Some dude.

You can find more drawings and sketches on the Drawings page. Just click on the Drawings tab above to get there. You will know that I’ve uploaded new drawings whenever the images above get updated.

This is where you will find all my experimental artwork. Just rI
andom stuff that I’m trying out here and there, where I learn something new, or accidentally come up with something I can use in another project.

New ink blot images from some recent experimental work has been posted on the Vortex Lab page.

I’m working on a series of ink blot paintings. These are actually fun to do.
Some drawings that will probably show up as finished work in the VERGENCE GALLERY.
Another ink blot composition in the works.
As I work on a few comics projects and illustration work behind the scenes, I will post various roughs, pages, preliminaries and concept art in this part of the site. Whatever I’m working on, you will likely get to see tl
he earliest versions of those projects.

All artwork and content, unless otherwise specified, is copyright 2022, Tonyefa Oyake.

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